Darwin Discovery Day Feb. 10

Darwin Discovery Day

Darwin Discovery Day activities include a once-a-year opportunity to see and touch interesting and unusual specimens from the MSU Museum’s natural science collections.

The Michigan State University (MSU) Museum joins natural history museums and science centers around the world in observing naturalist Charles Darwin’s birthday with special programs. Science institutions worldwide have created special programs around Darwin’s birthday that help promote an appreciation for the benefits of scientific knowledge acquired through human curiosity and ingenuity.

Tour the MSU Museum’s Hall of Evolution, view displays of fossil, reptile, bird and mammal specimens; curators and specialists identify fossils, rocks, bones, teeth, feathers, shells and other curiosities that visitors bring in; displays and activities by other MSU science units, including Anthropology, 4-H Gardens, Entomology and more lively learning for all ages.

Also of interest are the MSU Museum’s new west gallery exhibits: “Hyenas Rule!” and “50,000,” which are part of a series of exhibits featuring NSF-sponsored BEACON Center for the Study of Evolution in Action.

Darwin Discovery Day activities will run from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is free. For more information, visit http://museum.msu.edu/index.php?q=node/358 .