Premed and Preprofessional Health Careers

Resources for students pursuing premed, predental, preoptometry and other health majors


Who Are Preprofessional Students? (PDF)

MSU Preprofessional Student  Time Line (PDF)

Preprofessional Preparation Self-Evaluation (Word)

Co-Curricular Opportunities for Preprofessional Students

10 Reasons to Consider a Gap Year

Additional Preparation Information

Preprofessional Peer Advisor Videos

Other Health Careers

Preprofessional Newsletter, February March 2013 (PDF)

Preprofessional Newsletter, August 2013 (PDF)

Preprofessional Newsletter, September October 2013 (PDF)

Preprofessional Newsletter, November December 2013 (PDF)

Preprofessional Newsletter, February March 2014 (PDF)

Preprofessional Newsletter, Summer 2014 (PDF)

Preprofessional Newsletter, August 2014 (PDF)


Curriculum Planning

Health Careers Requiring Advanced Degrees

Events & Meetings

CNS Calendar of Events

Directory of Pre Health Organizations at MSU (PDF)

Applying to Professional Schools

Budgeting for the Professional School Application Process (PDF)

Application Process Presentation 2012 Slides

Choosing a Professional School (PDF)

Medical and Dental School Application Preparation Seminar Slides (part 1)

Medical and Dental School Application Preparation Seminar Slides (part 2)

Centralized Application Guide p1 (PDF)

Centralized Application Guide p2 (PDF)

How to Calculate Your Science GPA (PDF)

Guidelines for Letter of Evaluation (PDF)

Summary of DO Letter Requirements at US Osteopathic Medical Schools (PDF)

Personal Statement (PDF)

Preprofessional Co-Curricular Activities Log (Word)

Interview Prep Tips (PDF)

Presentation from the Interview Workshop

Medical and Dental Application Timelines

Standardized Admission Tests: